20 mai 2008

My clumsy path into photography

I can't believe it! It's been such a long time I'm thinking of my own little blog. Here it is. It's surely not the most beautiful but it's mine. I hope I'll be regular but I have so much things to share & pictures to show you that I think I will.

I like photography since a very long time. I try to take interesting pictures but I have to say I'm often very clumsy. LittleK is the clumsy artistic part of myself...the one who's trying to take pictures when her camera's off, the one who misses the sidewalk 'cause she's taking a picture, the one who could never has a straight picture and don't know why!

Despite all my little defects, I'll try to share with you my best pics and all those little things that inspire me day by day...

I hope you'll appreciated it and will follow my clumsy path into photography!