31 août 2009

Diana's view on Venise

More of my italian trip with a few pics of Venise taken with my dear friend Diana.

23 août 2009

When the sun goes down

Hi there! Here more of my first roll taken with my terrific Olympus OM10. I love how exciting it is to po pick up a newly developed roll of film. Here is a lovelely sunset on the Retiro park in Madrid. Part 1 was there, taken with my Holga.

Surprising first roll

I just got my very first roll of film developed, and well, it seems...promising. I' m so surprised by the colors, the details, the light. The days we spent in Venise were lovely and so are the pictures.
Now i can't wait for the 2 rolls that i've done with my  Holga & Diana to be developped, to compare the results. Will they be as good?