10 juillet 2009

Paris 104

Anyway, Paris was great, I had the best time. I spent a fair amount of it just doing what I do best - wandering around , going to museums, visiting friends, passing down a park, stopping for a coffee, with a camera ( or 2 or 3 sometimes)..my Holga, my Pola & my 50mm  digital Canon. One of the great place I'm trying to visit each time I come to Paris is this artistic center the 104. Really great place, incredible lights! I was less excited by the artistic installations ('cause it's summer and they just left some irrelevant pieces) than by the place itself and it's old-fashioned photobooth.

My Paris in 25 words : fashion week, Rosa Bonheur, drinks, Buttes Chaumont,  galleries, misstic, 104, photobooth, We love art, dancing, laughs, wine, vintage shops, Tuileries, photographs, magazines, graffiti, fondation Cartier  

104 rue d'aubervilliers, 19ème
Ouvert tous les jours sf lundi 11-21h ( vend/sam jusqu'à 23h)

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