29 mai 2012

Words & mirrors

Des mots, des miroirs et des gens. Un café, des films, du cinéma... autant de sources d'inspiration possibles. Une pause café avant de repartir travailler. Il y a des jours où l'inspiration est juste au coin de la rue.

Words, mirrors and people. Coffee, movies and cinema ...are just as much inspiration one can get. A small coffee break before going back to work can sometimes help a lot. There are some days when inspiration is just around the corner. Where did you get your inspiration from?

4 commentaires:

  1. C'est vraiment une très belle serie! Bravo!

  2. Alex, do you like to shoot with Lomo LC-A?Is it worth buying?

    1. Hi M, i love to shoot with lomo cameras. and the LC-A is the best i think, very convenient, playful and easy to shoot. so if you don't have any other analogue cameras, i think it's worth buying! Let me know if you buy it ;-)

    2. Merci, Alex pour ta réponse