9 janvier 2012

5 things

Time off

Je prends le large quelques jours les amis, histoire d'aller respirer le bon air frais de la montagne et me vautrer un peu dans la poudreuse. Je vous laisse avec une petite liste de jolies choses que j'apprécie fortement ces derniers temps.

I'm taking some time off folks, heading to the mountains. I'll be enjoying the snow & the sun (I hope) and some good raclette for sure, but I'll still be posting here this week. Here a 5 things I really liked lately.

+ Every food video by Tiger in a Jar. They are so damn talented.
+ Roma series by William Klein ... b&w, grain, dolce vita!
+ Pack my holiday stuff while listening to Ella & Louis
+ this Selby film video, beautiful interior.
+ All the great magazines, Frankie & Cut, my dear inventaireuse will bring back for me from Berlin.

Have a good week!

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